Good-Prac­ti­ce: Max Planck Inku­ba­t...

Good-Prac­ti­ce: Max Planck Inku­ba­tors at the Max Planck Society

As part of a recent restructuring and supervision of the Life Sciences research institute caesar in Bonn, Max Planck Innovation was commissioned by the president of the Max Planck Society to develop a concept for fostering the technology transfer via spin-outs in order to retain the basic translational research philosophy that was integral to the original set up of the institute.

The Max Planck Society commissioned Max Planck Innovation to establish the Life Science Inkubator (LSI) in Bonn in 2008 and prepare its operational start in 2009. The mandate from the Society was to design the incubator as a pre-seed platform for selected start-ups which would bridge the gap from research to investment. The ultimate goal of the LSI is to create start-ups, but given the early stage of the projects, a failure/attrition rate was planned and a rigorous process of due diligence was established. This is to ensure a steady pipeline of projects during early and later incubation stages and also to achieve a reasonable number of surviving spinouts.

Good-Prac­ti­ce: Max Planck Inku­ba­tors at the Max Planck Society
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