Good-Prac­ti­ce: Cham­pions Pro­gram­...

Good-Prac­ti­ce: Cham­pions Pro­gram­me at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cambridge

The main channel to scout new ideas and technologies at the University of Cambridge is through formal invention disclosure system. Due to a Cambridge culture of academic freedom and its IPR Policy, Cambridge Enterprise does not proactively scout for technologies. Instead, through internal marketing Cambridge Enterprise tries to convince academics and researchers that it provides professional and high quality technology transfer services. Therefore, the main problem was to increase awareness about resources available through Cambridge Enterprise and establish trustworthy working relationships with department members.

In order to enhance the invention disclosure flow from researchers, Cambridge Enterprise launched programme called Champions Programme which is made up of representatives of departments of the University of Cambridge who act as a two way channel of communication between Cambridge Enterprise and researchers. The aim is to inform Cambridge Enterprise about the key research done at the departments with commercial potential, and also to help disseminate information from Cambridge Enterprise.

Good-Prac­ti­ce: Cham­pions Pro­gram­me at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cambridge
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