Good-Prac­ti­ce: AIM­day at Upp­sa­la...

Good-Prac­ti­ce: AIM­day at Upp­sa­la University

One of the main problems with Technology Transfer is the gap between industry and academics: industrial corporations might need feedback on advanced scientific and technological issues, academics may be unaware of the kind of issues that are important for industry. To make matters worse, there might be little to no natural networking between both sides. This makes communication and progress slow and unclear.

In 2008, Ångström Materials Academy at Uppsala University organized its first Materials Day (AIMday) for ideas scouting. Success was immediate: ideas for further research were generated and various forms of collaborations started. Since then the use of the AIMday concept has been extended to other disciplinary areas, like life science and the humanities and social sciences.

Good-Prac­ti­ce: AIM­day at Upp­sa­la University
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